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POS for restaurant owners to grow customer base

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

“An user-friendly POS application designed for efficient management of your restaurant business.”

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Hospitality Ordering Solutions
Guest and Customer Engagement
Operational Excellence Dashboard
Order Fulfillment and Management
Flexible Deployment Solutions

Hospitality Ordering Solutions

Enhance the dining experience with our Hospitality Ordering Solutions, designed to streamline the order process for both staff and guests. From interactive digital menus to intuitive tableside ordering via tablets, we facilitate a seamless exchange between the kitchen and the dining area. Our technology ensures that every order is accurately captured and promptly fulfilled, increasing efficiency and guest satisfaction in every interaction

Guest and Customer Engagement

Our Guest and Customer Engagement tools transform how businesses connect with their clients. By integrating smart profiling and personalized service offerings, we enable a deeper understanding of guest preferences, leading to tailored experiences that delight and surprise. Our platform fosters a connection that goes beyond the transaction, building loyalty and enhancing the overall customer journey.

Operational Excellence Dashboard

Gain unparalleled insight into your business operations with our Operational Excellence Dashboard. This comprehensive interface provides real-time data and analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions that drive productivity and growth. Manage your workforce, optimize your service flow, and keep a pulse on every aspect of your operations, all from a centralized and user-friendly dashboard.

Order Fulfillment and Management

Take control of your order fulfillment process with precision and ease. Our Order Fulfillment and Management system is the backbone of a swift service delivery, integrating order tracking, queue management, and kitchen display systems for an uninterrupted flow from order to delivery. This robust coordination ensures that every order is a priority and every customer leaves satisfied.

Flexible Deployment Solutions

Our platform offers unmatched adaptability with both cloud-based and local deployment options, ensuring that your service delivery is robust and uninterrupted. The cloud setup provides you with the agility and scalability of online access, while the local option guarantees full functionality in isolated environments or areas with limited internet connectivity. 

With ServWait and ServTable apps, experience the flexibility to operate in a fully isolated mode, giving you complete control over your service environment without compromising on efficiency or customer experience. Whether you’re looking to harness the power of the cloud or require a dependable offline solution, our technology is designed to fit your unique operational needs

“Servall POS Can Smooth Your Restaurant
Operations and Grow Your Customer Base.”

Manage multiple restaurant locations

The platform offers a wide range of options for customizing the user interface of the online ordering system through its available extensions. Owing to its scalability and comprehensive functionality, Servall is an excellent choice for restaurant chains looking to streamline their operations, as well as a viable option for independent establishments.”

Offline Operations

Servall is fully functional in offline environments, eliminating concerns about internet connectivity. This feature ensures that your restaurant business can operate independently of an internet connection, so you’ll never miss an order.”

Customize Order Types

Offer your customers the choice of delivery or pickup, along with the ability to set standard delivery times compared to quicker pickup options. You also have the flexibility to exclusively accept either delivery or pickup.”

Key Features Of Servall POS System

Cloud, Hybrid, Local

Our flexible architecture allows for cloud, hybrid, or local installations, ensuring that your business remains operational and data-driven, regardless of internet connectivity

Seamless Payment Integrations

Streamline your transactions with our seamless payment solutions that integrate effortlessly with your existing POS systems, enhancing customer convenience and operational efficiency

Dynamic Order Management

Adapt to your customer's needs with dynamic ordering capabilities. From in-room dining to tableside ordering, we provide the tools to manage and fulfill orders with precision and care

Customizable Interfaces

Tailor the look and feel of your applications to match your brand's identity, creating a seamless brand experience that extends from your physical location to your digital presence

Comprehensive Data Security

Protect your customers' data with our state-of-the-art security protocols, ensuring that every transaction and interaction is secure and compliant with industry standards

Customer Relationship Management

Engage with your customers on a deeper level with integrated CRM tools that help you understand preferences, anticipate needs, and deliver exceptional service

Servall Product Overview

ServAll is a comprehensive service management platform tailored to fit 
multiple sectors beyond just the restaurant industry.
Customized Hospitality Suites

Our suite of applications, including RoomServ and ServLocal, provides a tailored experience for the hospitality industry. High-resolution tablets enhance guest interaction.

Comprehensive Restaurant Solutions

From dynamic menu management with QuickServe to the personalized touch of ServWait, we cover every aspect of the dining experience.

Advanced Operations Dashboards

ServDash offers a robust command center for your business analytics and operations. Track performance, manage orders, and gain insights—all through an intuitive and powerful dashboard.

“Explore Additional Features of Servall POS”

Easy Online Orders

Creating a straight forward order and reservation experience is effortless with Servall. Restaurateurs can clearly define their delivery and pick-up services and customize the system’s appearance to reflect their brand.”

Multiple Menu Selection

Offering a diverse range of culinary choices is seamless with TastyIgniter. Its interactive menu page allows you to design and organize your menu in any way you prefer, ensuring an easy and enjoyable browsing experience for customers.”

Multiple Payments

Our software includes flexible payment options as a standard feature. This allows your restaurant’s website or takeout app to accept advance payments for all online orders, providing both restaurant owners and delivery drivers with peace of mind regarding secure payment for meals.”

Comprehensive Solution

With Servall POS, there’s no need for multiple software solutions to manage your business efficiently. Our integrated system simplifies every touchpoint, combining POS inventory, delivery, and payment monitoring into one seamless experience.”

Multilingual Support

Our restaurant software is designed to support multiple languages, featuring a default language option that can be easily translated. This makes it suitable for both Belgian and English-speaking restaurant owners. Read More

Review System

Showcasing glowing testimonials for your products or services is an unmatched marketing strategy. The Servall review system enables customers to share insights on your most popular dishes and the hospitality Read More