QR Code Ordering

It has never been simpler to change your menu.
Edit it in just one click and eliminate printing costs.

Less waiting for your customers,
more orders at each service

Reassure your customers with a contactless menu

Accessible from any phone, the customer flashes the QR code on the table.

Order and payment at the table

Keep your current method or offer the possibility to order and pay via mobile.

Save 15 min on each service

Your customers’ orders go directly to your cash register software. Save precious time!

improve your service with the QR code!

More orders at every service

Barely seated at the table, your customers are already ordering independently!

Servers available

No more order taking and errors, the QR code does everything for you. Your servers can concentrate on the essential: Service!

Edit your map in real time

Out of stock or new dish? Add or modify your card yourself. In 1 click, your QR code menu is up to date!

How does payment at the table work?

1.  Once the meal is finished, customers can pay the bill directly from their mobiles.”

2. Everyone can settle their share by selecting the items or splitting the bill.

3. Digital tipping option available! Clients can leave tips for the servers through the app as well.”


Ordering at the table , how does it work?

  • Each table has a QR code that allows your clients to place individual orders.
  • The table number to be served is indicated in the order sent to your cash register software.
  • The ideal solution for swift and error-free service.

With the QR Code menu, ordering has never been easier

Offer a new route to your customers: faster , simpler and safer !

1. Scan of the QR code

Your customers scan a QR code placed on the table to instantly access your menu from their mobile.

2. Consultation and order

Consultation and Ordering: Your customers can browse the menu, make their selections, and simply validate their choices. Made a mistake? They can reorder with just one click.

3. The order arrives on the cash register software

Each new order goes directly to your cash register software to streamline your service.

4. Addition and payment on mobile

After having consumed, your customers have the possibility of paying directly from their mobile: fast and efficient!

The most frequently askedquestions about our QR code menus


The QR code is a tag that can be read by mobile phones and tablets. Reading it is as simple as opening the mobile camera, which provides direct access to a webpage displaying your restaurant or bar’s menu!

Your QR code menu can offer your customers the possibility of sending their orders directly to your cash register software or to a standardized tablet.

You can update your menu in one click by accessing, from a computer or your mobile, your personal TastyCloud customer area. The tool is very easy to use!